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 Move-Out Cleaning

While You Focus On Where You Are Going - We Take Care Of Where You Have Been!

Cleaning For SellersThe last thing you need to be concerned with during a move is spending your valuable time cleaning your sold residence to a level acceptable to the new owners. Let us take care of that for you - while you focus on your new home and the future.

We have learned most customers consider a move out cleaning as a pared down or slightly modified version of a move in clean. Usually sellers want to focus on their new home and are excited to get there as soon as possible. So let us help - we love to clean!

Typically, a move-out clean is slightly lighter than a move-in cleaning. It depends on customer input; therefore, we will modify from the following list based upon the customer desires:

  • Vacuum and wipe down all woodwork, base boards and shelving.
  • Clean all light fixtures.
  • Clean all fans.
  • Vacuum and hand wipe outside of all cabinets.
  • Clean all mirrors.
  • Clean all ledges and window sills.
  • Wipe and clean all counter tops.
  • Clean sinks and faucets.
  • Clean and shine outside of all appliances.
  • Clean tubs and tub walls.
  • Clean shower doors.
  • Clean toilets, inside and out, from top to bottom.
  • Vacuum all HVAC vents.
  • Inside of oven and refrigerator.
  • Lanai sliding glass doors and tracks.
  • Windows.

Every Move-Out Cleaning Receives At The Very Least Our Routine Maintenance Cleaning!

List of routine maintenance cleaning:

In Each Room:

  • All garbage collected and put in trash bin in garage.
  • Fan blades dusted. 
  • Cobwebs removed. 
  • Base boards vacuum/dusted as needed. 
  • Door frames and ‘fingerprint zone’ on all doors cleaned. 
  • Door knobs cleaned. 
  • Window sills and ledges wiped. 
  • Switch plates all cleaned. 
  • Furniture polished. No rings around objects – they are all removed before dusting/polishing, cleaned and replaced. 
  • Glass over artwork and frames cleaned. 
  • Mirrors cleaned spot and streak free. 
  • Vacuumed and mopped. 
  • Area rugs vacuumed/shaken out and replaced. 


  • Vanity counter tops squeaky clean. 
  • Sink fixtures cleaned. 
  • Vanity lights cleaned. 
  • Mirrors spot and streak free. 
  • Shower cleaned and dried. 
  • Tub cleaned and dried. 
  • Toilet bowl cleaned complete. 
  • Towel racks cleaned. 
  • Floor vacuumed and mopped. 


  • Counter tops squeaky clean. 
  • Sinks cleaned and dried. 
  • Coffeepot emptied and cleaned. 
  • All appliances exteriors cleaned. 
  • Refrigerator water tray cleaned. 
  • Microwave cleaned inside and outside. 
  • Cabinet doors cleaned. 
  • Handles to all doors and cabinets cleaned. 
  • Floor vacuumed and mopped. 

Laundry Room:

  • All appliance exteriors cleaned. 
  • Cabinet doors cleaned. 
  • Sinks cleaned and dried. 

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