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 House Watching Service

We Provide Peace Of Mind By House Watching When You Can't Be There Yourself!

Professional House Watching ServicesOur house watching service, Watchful Eye, evolved due to the number of growing current cleaning customers looking for a reliable source to keep an eye on their home while they are away. This was a natural progression for everyone due to the personal relationship and trust already established. We can also manage other maintenance issues as they may arise while you are away!

We provide superior, dependable house watching, which is customized to suit your needs. The following standards are listed to give a general overview of what to expect at a minimum:

Standard Services

  • Bathrooms and Kitchen
    • Run water in all drains.
    • Run ice through disposal.
    • Check for leaks at all fixtures.
    • Flush and brush toilet (to remove hard-water deposits).
    • Check for signs of pest.
  • Property/Home Inspection
    • Visual inspection of ceilings for signs of water leakage.
    • Visual inspection of hot water heater for signs of water leakage.
    • Visual inspection of electrical box for tripped breakers.
    • Verify humidity and temperature are within desired range.
    • Verify lights and schedule are functioning properly.
  • Mail/Door/Yard Signs Removal
    • Retrieve any mail and place inside residence.
    • Remove any postings or signs left on door or in yard and place inside residence.
  • Plants/Landscaping/Pool
    • Water interior and exterior potted plants.
    • Check to see that lawn and foliage are being properly maintained.
    • Check to see that pool is being properly maintained.
  • Automotive
    • Start and run vehicles as directed by owner.
  • Reports
    • Immediately report to customer if any potential problems are revealed.
    • Weekly/Monthly home report to customer.

Additionally, we can customize our service to suit all your requirements including, but not limited to:

  • Light maintenance cleaning to keep the home fresh.
  • Opening or closing for seasonal usage.
  • Provide access to contractors, pest control, and other maintenance contractors.
  • Program manage projects, such as remodeling, plumbing, electrical etc.

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